Battered, Bruised and Bankrupt

Here is a blog post by Anne Dean. I want to share it because it describes the horror of an ordinary life gone wrong because of chronic illness when all of a sudden, nothing is ordinary anymore. All this because life hits hard when we least expect it. Adversities stack up and can become (almost) insurmountable. Injustice is added to injustice, hardship to hardship. I hope Anne will be able to create more ‘headroom’, as she calls it, now that she has written this extremely difficult piece and that her blog post will help create more understanding for so-called hardworking people chucked into extraordinary circumstances. Anne, nor anyone else, has asked to be taken ill. But it happens and when it does, many will lose their jobs, loves, lives, money, houses, identities, friends – not necessarily in this order. Sometimes, all there is left are attempts to put into words the disbelief at what is happening to us, hoping against hope someone will hear, understand and maybe even act on it in whichever way they can. Bon courage, everyone, bon courage. Claudia

Your Jaw Never Gets Tired

Voluntary Bankruptcy

This was the biggest and most life changing event which dominated most of last year.
And is still going on now.
I became voluntarily bankrupt w.e.f September 2014.
Or “in Sequestration” to use the correct scottish term,

I had to make this hard decision because my health was so poor. It had been steadily getting worse over the last few years and I was living a “non-life” really. In bed most of the time (maybe 80% or 90% of the time) struggling with all the horrible ME symptoms (an ever lengthening list). And at the same time trying to keep the property stuff afloat – mainly from bed. With my mobile phone for texts, emails, internet banking. And of course – actual phone calls. But phone calls had to be kept to an absolute minimum as I was too ill most of the time to carry out a…

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