Who We Are

Claudia Gillberg holds a PhD in Education. Her interests include but are not limited to lifelong learning, disability rights for the chronically ill, access to education & full citizenship.  After relapsing severely in 2011, she managed to remain a research associate with the Swedish National Centre for Lifelong Learning, http://www.encell.se, and she has since become a Fellow with the Centre for Welfare Reform, UK.


Twitter: @DrCSGill

Geoffrey Jones holds a Masters Degree in Medicinal Chemistry. He is interested in molecular biology, infectious disease and immunology. He is an associate member of the Royal Society of Biology and an affiliate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He mainly posts on science issues and the misrepresentation of ME in the media. He has had lifelong experience of ME, falling ill at the age of 13.



Twitter: @geoffbiosci

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