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The people behind Utting Wolff Spouts are Geoff Jones and Claudia Gillberg, the former a masters student in medicinal chemistry and the latter a PhD in Education. As teenagers we were both hit by myalgic encephalomyelitis and our combined experience of (living with) this illness gives us a bit of an insight into an array of fields. As we have managed to muddle our way through to a number of degrees, job titles and countries we fancy ourselves slightly qualified to spout on science, medical, societal, social, political and cultural matters on occasion. Follow us on Twitter at @DrCGillberg and/or @geoffbiosci.

PAUSE-REVIEW-REFLECT: towards a bigger picture?


January 2017 - a new world order? January 2017 – looking for the RESET button.


This year will bring some changes which mean I need to step back from my research and advocacy work. This work has covered a number of different topics and this is reflected in the sub-heading of this blog “Law and health; due process and civil society“. However, my main focus has been on issues facing the international community of people who live with the illness myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) – sometimes also conflated unhelpfully with the condition “chronic fatigue syndrome/CFS”.

I have lived with ME since 1981 (possibly longer) and began to learn about its history and pathology from 1989, when I was first diagnosed. In 2009, I started increasing the scope and range of my research and in 2012 I set up this blog in order to publish my work on the so-called “Secret Files on…

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