What it takes for Queen Mary to declare a request for scientific data “vexatious”

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2humptyWe need Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty to understand

It is a matter of public record  that Anna Sheridan made this Freedom of Information request to Queen Mary, University of London:

From: Anna Sheridan

1 November 2015

Dear Queen Mary, University of London,

I would like to request, for each of the 4 treatment arms of the
PACE trial, the 6 min walking test data

a) before treatment and
b) (where available) at follow-up (52 weeks)

I appreciate that my previous request was denied due to it being
deemed to require the creation of new data. This request has been
carefully chosen to avoid that problem, consisting of a request to
supply a list of numbers for each of the 4 treatment arms of the

Yours faithfully,

Anna Sheridan

This is a polite request. It is eminently reasonable because such behavioural data are crucial to the evaluation of what…

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