Karina Hansen 2: the Ghost in the Room


KarinaHansenStockPicJanuary 2016. A young woman sits in a wheelchair in a Danish rehabilitation centre. She mumbles incomprehensibly to herself from time to time but is otherwise unresponsive. With her is a close family member. She shows no signs of recognising him.

Is this the fate of “Karina Hansen: Prisoner of Denmark“?


The History

Karina (pictured above) first became ill as a teenager. After much debate and disagreement between various health professionals, she was eventually diagnosed in 2010 with a severe case of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). However, as often happens with this illness, the diagnosis was disputed. Her parents continued to care for her in the family home.

Given her vulnerable state and the disputed diagnosis, Karina and her family arranged for her parents to be granted power of attorney on her behalf. At this time, she was deemed competent to make the decision.

In February 2013

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