Hip Surgery and ME: Society Has It Wrong

I find this blog post by Jeannette’s husband who recently underwent hip surgery important for a number of good reasons. My own comparison would be that of a cancer patient (myself in my teens) and that of an ME sufferer (myself in my late teens up to now). My decade-long experience of societal and medical attitudes can be summed up as follows: ”When ill either get well or die but make up your mind. Do not linger”. This attitude appears to permeate most professions I have encountered and it is detrimental to how the chronically ill are perceived and treated by society as a whole. Abuse quickly becomes systematic and is, in fact, institutionalised. A life of exclusion awaits and sufferers are blamed for their illness as if they were morally inferior beings. Of course there are no flowers or expressions of sympathy for the chronically ill. It is as simple and as cruel as that. Claudia for Utting-Wolff Spouts

Thoughts About M.E.

I am proud to share a note that my husband, Ed Burmeister, wrote last week. He initially posted it on Facebook only where it received a lot of attention and was shared more than 250 times. It really resonated with the community.

Therefore, I talked him into allowing me to post it here as well. I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving spouse.

Last Wednesday, I had a complete hip replacement.  It was a short procedure (1-1/2hours). No general anesthesia required.  I was out of bed the day of surgery and home after two days.  On Monday, I started driving again and really could have done so on Saturday already. Yesterday, I returned to work. I was comfortably working away, largely free of pain.  I walk without a limp and with no assistance and am pretty much unrestricted in my activities. I never needed narcotic painkillers after…

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